December 7, 2022

Acruxgod says “I dropped out of highschool to work as a freelancer graphic designer”.. Was it worth it?
Acrux is an 18 years old self-taught graphic designer that seems to achieve any goal he’s trying to reach. Apparently he gave up on school to follow his own path, was it a smart choice? Acrux sustains that it was the best choice he could ever make in his life, it was really stressful due to his family trying to convince him into getting a degree but he refused their offer and finally found enough time to focus on his own dream and quickly started building up a portfolio and selling cover artworks to musicians with millions of streams. 

He had the chance to work for Itsoktocry, Zand, Kent Osborne and other big names, he seems to be looking for a possible project with Scarlxrd, Ghostemane and Nascar aloe. 
“I took the risk and I got my balance from zero to four digits a month by making digital art in my bedroom while listening to unreleased music and relaxing, people are too scared to risk, fear holds people back from escaping what we got taught that life is, study, graduate, find a job and that’s pretty much it, once they’re done with these things most people barely have any time left to enjoy the beauty of life, this motivates me to get as far as possible while also enjoying my life, whoever said time is cash was wrong, cash is time, don’t sell 90% of your time over a few bucks, you’ll regret it.”  You can follow Acruxgod on Instagram if you would like to keep yourself updated on his progress.

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