July 13, 2024

Ohpenmiind returns to Spotify with his his 2020 project “Peace Among Worlds”. Ohpenmind demonstrates his diversity through the many different styles of Hip Hop he pays homage to on this record. The opening track ‘Sustancia’ delivers hard hitting kick drums over rolling 808 snares and trap high hats with Latin inspired vocals, while ‘Jurarquia’ emphasizes an old-school boom gap sound.

The track list for “Peace Among Worlds” is exactly what you need for your next smoke sesh. Ohpenmiind uses his lyricism to paint a vivid picture of struggle, heartbreak, and urban life.The D.C. Carter produced “Sueno Americano” is definitely one of the more impressive tracks on the album. This track is particularly bass heavy and has a moving soundscape that allows the listener to become more eveneloped and enamored with the world of Ohpenmiind. This track discusses the struggle and darkness that comes with the American Dream, and is an Metro Valley kick-back essential.

In addition to the impressive variety of unique hip hop subgenres Ohpenmiind was able to compile, the cover art has taken on a life of it’s own. The psychedelic digital-painting depicts a man in a suit, with a blazer draped over his shoulders. The head appears to be replaced with what could be a mirror or portal, symbolizing an ‘open mind’. The abstraction and dreaminess of the cover art is the perfect introduction to the project, and offers insight into this artists level of taste. This 2020 project is a staple of Phoenix Hip Hop culture and is definitely a must-hear. Stream ‘Peace Among Worlds’ today!

Rating: 8.2 out of 10