July 13, 2024

In his new single, “Press The Issue”, Rapper 4DG Roc asks listeners to reconsider bringing him any fuck shit. Cuz he will most definitely be forced to “Press The Issue” as per the title of the track. He delivers the message casually but to a threatening frequency. A message in lyricism that compliments this type of dark horror trap song perfectly.

What set off this single right from the start was the beat selection. Eerie horror movie synths play out a sinister melody over a steady trap beat. Roc’s flow is effortless and his lyrics clever, making for a track that’s both easy to listen to but still got you bopping your head. The production value also sounds top-notch, with the composition being both catchy and hypnotic.

Top notch audio engineering, a minimalistic bull free trap beat and clever lyricism with a message that is clear and powerful. I literally have zero complaints about this track. I rate this song 10 / 10. A solid addition for your playlist!